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Knee stability

Understanding ACL Injury (Anterior Cruciate Ligament)

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are a common occurrence among athletes in high-demand sports like soccer, football, and basketball. The ACL, a crucial ligament in the knee joint, plays a vital role in maintaining stability and controlling motion. When the ACL is ruptured, athletes face challenges in continuing their activities and may require specialized treatment …

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Preventing & Healing Sports Knee Injuries

Sports injuries to the knee are a common occurrence, often resulting from sudden movements, impact, or overuse. These injuries can range from ACL tears and meniscus tears to patellar tendonitis, knee sprains, and knee strains. Understanding how to prevent and heal these injuries is crucial for maintaining optimal knee health and performance in sports. Knee …

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MPFL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on rehabilitation following Medial Patellofemoral Ligament (MPFL) reconstruction. Whether you are a patient or a clinician, this guide aims to provide valuable information and a step-by-step rehabilitation protocol to facilitate a successful recovery. MPFL reconstruction is a surgical procedure performed to treat patellar instability and dislocation. Post-operative rehabilitation plays a …

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Meniscal Repair

Are you experiencing knee pain and limited mobility due to a torn meniscus? Meniscal repair surgery may be an effective treatment option for you. This orthopedic surgical procedure aims to alleviate knee pain, restore mobility, and allow patients to return to their normal activities, including sports. A torn meniscus can cause significant discomfort and hindrance …

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