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Common Shoulder Conditions

SLAP lesion repair​

SLAP lesions (superior labrum anterior posterior lesions) are a cause of pain and instability in the shoulder. In essence the labrum (cartilage round the socket of the shoulder) at the top of the socket (around the 12 O’Clock position),which attaches the long head of biceps tendon, is torn.

They are often repaired by an arthroscopic operation. This is achieved using sutures and bone anchors, which are usually bioabsorbable.

Again 3-4 small (0.5cm) wounds will be made about the shoulder in order to allow the arthroscope (camera) and other instruments into the shoulder.

Anchors and special stitches are used to stitch everything back into place. Patients have to be in a sing for around 4 weeks after the operation.

Ask your shoulder doctor / specialist for more information if required, when you see him.

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