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Anatomy Of The Knee

Knee injuries and pain are very common.  They occur in all people, ranging from  those  individuals with a sedentary lifestyle as well as the high level athlete.

The clinicians at The Olympia Clinic are experts at dealing with common and more complex conditions of the knee.  To find about some of the conditions that we treat, please look at the details linked to this page.

Note that this is just a sample of the conditions we treat and this is just a brief overview of the conditions.

For further information, contact your knee specialist directly.

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The surface of the joints where these bones come in contact is covered with a special cartilage called articular cartilage , which provides a low-friction, shock- absorbing surface.

Healthy cartilage allows the bones to slide smoothly over each other with little friction during normal movement.

Another type of cartilage is called the meniscus. Each knee has 2 semi-circular menisci, which also distributes weight evenly throughout the joint, reduces wear, acts as a shock absorber and helps with balance.

If these are torn they do not heal very well and often cause, pain, instability and swelling. They often need surgery. Your Knee Doctor or Specialist will give you more information.

Ask your doctor / specialist for more information if required, when you see him.

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