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Professor Nicola Maffulli Foot/Ankle/Knee

Professor Nicola Maffulli is a top Consultant Orthopaedic and Sports Injury Surgeon. He is responsible for pioneering revolutionary new procedures and techniques in foot and ankle surgery, and he is responsible for fixing some of the UK’s top sportsmen and women,
including Premiership football players as well as Track and field Athletes and international
rugby players.


Professor Nicola Maffulli was selected by The London Organising Committee to lead

Orthopaedic Sports Foot and Ankle Surgery Service at the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic

Games.During the games Professor Maffuli lead a team of six consultants in the

Sports Foot and Ankle Surgery Service and was based at the ExCeL centre where he was the

Field of Play Doctor for the Olympic Wrestling Tournament.


Apart from being one of the world’s top surgeons and lecturers in this field, Professor

Maffulli has published well over 700 peer reviewed articles in scientific journals. In addition,

he has published nine books on Orthopaedic Surgery and in Sports Medicine. Professor

Maffulli has particular scientific interest in physiopathology of sports injuries, including

anterior cruciate ligament and tendon injuries, and great expertise in arthroscopic techniques

of the knee and foot and ankle. Given these extracurricular activities and the heavy clinical

workload that has characterised his career thus far, the Prof has developed subspecialty

interests and focuses in the following areas: Foot and ankle surgery, Sports trauma,

Deformity correction and Complex trauma, knee and ankle arthroscopy, minimally invasive

surgery of the knee and foot and ankle.


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