Consultation Fees

All the Consultants see Insured patients and also Self-Pay patients, from the UK and Abroad.

If you are insured all the consultants stick to the Insurance Company’s Fee Schedule. This will mean you do not have to pay anything extra, apart from perhaps an excess, which maybe part of your policy.

If you are not insured, the fee of the Consultation can be between £200 and £300, (if it is a new patient consultation) depending on which Doctor you see, the Complexity of your problem and the Time taken. Fees for follow-up are likewise between £180 and £300.

Note though that all consultations are normally allocated around 20 minutes, and if the consultation lasts significantly longer you may need to pay extra.

Also note that if you do not attend a booked appointment that you maybe charged for this.

Any queries, please liaise with our secretaries or the Doctor / Surgeon you see.

download-fee-document download-fee-document

Please note that all formal sick notes for an extended period of time and formal letters are charged at £40.

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