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The key to accurate diagnosis is specialist examination and assessment, coupled with appropriate and high quality investigations. We are fortunate to have access to the latest scanners and imaging systems. At the sites we work at, we have rapid access to X-Ray ultrasound and CT scanners as well as MRI scanners. These are available rapidly to avoid any delay in treatment and to provide patients with a fast and professional service.

The clinicians linked to the clinic are specialists in bone and joint disorders, including fractures, pain and sports injuries.

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  • Medical Assessment

    Medical AssessmentOur specialists can assess you at a time and a place convenient for you, and start treatment.

  • Physiotherapy

    PhysiotherapyThe majority of patients do NOT need surgery. However, they do need specialist assessment and a tailored treatment plan. This plan will be customised according to each patient’s symptoms, lifestyle, activity levels and requirements.

    Non surgical treatments include specialist physiotherapy and occupational therapy, injection therapy and pain management. These modalities of treatment can be combined in a tailored treatment programme and have an excellent success rate in treating problems of all types.

    We are fortunate to work with first class therapists, who are readily available and have excellent equipment to help you to a rapid recovery.

  • Sports Injuries

    Sports InjuriesInjuries affecting the sportsman or woman, need highly specialised treatment, often with the input of doctors, physiotherapists and surgeons. We, at the Olympia Clinic have a special interest in this area and can provide the multidiscplinary approach that is critical in the successful treatment of this group of individuals.

    Our clinicians have excellent experience in physiotherapy techniques, ultrasound guided injections and key-hole surgery, which are all critical in dealing with the injured athlete.

  • Injections

    InjectionsInjections can cure many joint problems. However the injection needs to be put in the right place and at the right time (before the condition has progressed too far). Our clinicians are very experienced at using injections and ensure injections are placed in the optimum position. This ensures the best chance of success (and minimising any pain caused by badly placed injections!!).

  • Surgery

    SurgeryThe surgeons linked to the clinic are all specialist consultants dealing regularly with joint problems. They are familiar with various techniques, regularly perform arthroscopic “keyhole” surgery, as well as “open” surgical procedures.

  • Medicolegal Services

    Medicolegal ServicesThe clinic has links with various solicitors. We are happy to deal with any medico-legal work linked to accidents, joint-related conditions and sports injuries

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